Welcome to this website

Enjoying natural surroundings and having all the necessary services available without any worries about their maintenance, have been the main reasons why my partner and my children are users of the campsites.

This hobby has evolved, so I am currently reviewing campsites.

The Mireya Camping website is structured in:

  1. Mountain or indoor campsites
  2. Beach or coastal campsites

At each beach or mountain campsite, you have a brief description, a rating (up to 5 stars), a video made by me and the location of the campsite on Google Maps.

Any questions you have about each campsite, please put it in the comments of the video of the corresponding campsite.

Càmping de Muntanya Bassegoda
Mountain Campsites
Façana de Bungalow de càmping de platja
Beach Campsites

I evaluate each campsite taking into account the following aspects:

  1. They have, above all, bungalows and / or mobile homes in optimal conditions, and that they have a porch, where you can have breakfast, lunch and / or dinner.
  2. That the bungalows and / or mobile homes are surrounded by trees.
  3. That the campsite has sports facilities.
  4. That the campsite is located in a natural environment, where you can easily enjoy excursions on foot or by bike.
  5. That the campsite organizes activities for both children and adults.
  6. Order and cleanliness.

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